Founder’s Letter

Dear Guardian Angel:

Thank you for taking the time to research what Angels Wings Foundation is doing to allow impoverished children the opportunity to truly fly into the potential that exists within each of them. I started this foundation in 2002 to support my native country of Thailand the best way I know how, proactively and with much devotion. It has been my passion to find ways of empowering our disadvantaged youth and raising their potential. After being crowned Miss Universe in 1988, I served as the Good Will Ambassador to The United Nations during the Year of the Child and have been a spokesperson for UNICEF and UNFPA. In doing so, I was able to showcase the problems that arise when children grow up without homes, schools and the necessary healthcare they need.

Now the mother of five, I believe that every child is an angel and deserves their own wings to fly. My personal dream is to see that the children of Thailand, who might not ever be exposed to anything beyond their own circumstances, be provided with the strength, courage… and yes, the wings to soar.

We are already making a difference. In the wake of Thailand’s tragic tsunami in 2004, I returned home to pledge a donation of 20 million Baht to provide 100 new homes, boats for the fishermen, schools and an orphanage for the children affected. In the following years the foundation has given out numerous scholarships and is currently heading a scholarship teaching program for rural Thai students with aspirations of being a hometown teacher. I will continue to pledge my support to helping pave the way for these innocent children as they are our future leaders and deserve an opportunity to be the angels they were born to be.

May I invite you to have the courage to express your concerns for those less fortunate by making a personal contribution to Angels Wings Foundation. I will personally see that your generous donation reaches those who are desperately in need. Thank you for your support.


Porntip Bui Simon

Spirit of the “Angels Wings Foundation International” 2011